kitty kitty kitty

Just in case you ever wondered what we look like...

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I've developed a strange addiction to mesh underwear.

is jesus your pal?

jumping jumping jumping from façon aesthetics on Vimeo.


Hmm what do I like about autumn?

Well, all those rosy cheeks everywhere, especially on me.
My coat, coats in general, coats on men.
The light being bluish.
The light being in line with my mood.

Listening to Mr. Hazlewood.

And of course, taking the train to come back to you, S.

shitty cell phone pictures of beautiful dresden : moi

things I definitly love about autumn:
- colorexplosions
- spending whole days with reading ridiculous awesome
books like the hildegard knef biography
- hiding under duvets
- falling in love again and again with grandmas tea set

j. what do you like about autumn?

pictures by s.



meat is love.

rissole : private


lessons in colour

nude, light pink & apricot
(and some gold)

the best options besides black.

1 - Bruno Pieters S/S 2010 via tfs
2-5 don't remember
6 via ffffound.com
7 via google

the day before sunday..

keep on scanning my negatives to delight you guys soon..

cheers to j.

powerhouse photographed in cottbus


side notes - I

I think if we had discussed something like that back in school, I would come to the conclusion that physics are actually quite interesting much earlier .

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Oh goddamn it Monki, just open a store in Berlin.
You've got that black coat I want, the boots, silky draped blouses and even a duffle coat...
Stop torturing us.

all pictures via monkiworld.com

winter textures

inspire yourself.

pictures by s



Spread some disco love!

All you need is:

a mirror ball

a shipping label

superclueor if you don't have any (like me)
transparent nailpolish will do it as well

Now pull the little mirrors of the mirror ball
and glue them onto the shipping label.


DISCO DISCO! indoors. outdoors. everywhere.

PS: You should be careful if you want to put a disco sticker next to a street though, it could dazzle car drivers and that might cause some serious problems.

pictures via google


I'd really like to have a blouse like that, all silky and draped. Very feminine, very elegant and
I bet they're comfortable as hell.

Frida Gustavsson via Stockholmstreetstyle
really bad screenshot of Evan Rachel Wood at True Blood (lovely series by the way)


I had the feeling this day will be great when I saw the sun shining brightly through my window. Then I opened my favourite blog Lynn&Horst and there you go: Triceratops handbags.
Instant love.

Giles Deacon S/S 2010

And pink shiny cupcake-dresses... ♥ This actually makes me want to wear bright colours. My mom will be very happy.

Have a nice Triceratops Day.

photo 1+2: catwalking.com via Lynn&Horst
photo 3+4: tfs
video: HEALTH - "Triceratops" (dublab VisionVersion) via Vimeo



picture: private

façon scrabble



Balmain Spring 2010 via knight cat

I think they had something like this at Pimkie about two years ago.
And it looked it better than that stuff ...

coming soon

Das literarische Duett - literature at its finest

iche binne nicht tot



What a nice companion for college...

via Jak&Jil, Yvan Rodic, Ebay