I had the feeling this day will be great when I saw the sun shining brightly through my window. Then I opened my favourite blog Lynn&Horst and there you go: Triceratops handbags.
Instant love.

Giles Deacon S/S 2010

And pink shiny cupcake-dresses... ♥ This actually makes me want to wear bright colours. My mom will be very happy.

Have a nice Triceratops Day.

photo 1+2: catwalking.com via Lynn&Horst
photo 3+4: tfs
video: HEALTH - "Triceratops" (dublab VisionVersion) via Vimeo


Angie hat gesagt…

Reminds me of that bag i used to take with me to kindergarten. it was a dog and i would zip and unzip it's spine to get my sandwiches out of it's torso. lovely, ain't it?

stupidme hat gesagt…

shouldn't do those ' between the "its" by the way

façon aesthetics hat gesagt…

angie, you should wear it again. we would be delighted.